Just what is Bohemian interior design? Think free, think colourful, think unconventional. Bohemian or “Boho” design is a free-thinking approach to decorating that represents the free-spirited spirit. It’s an attitude that invites you to go with your gut and stay connected to the tradition, which has been a part of the cultural scene in Europe for centuries. Known as” another Europe”, this “other” culture has long had a strong influence on design as well as interior design.

It’s easy to see why so many homeowners turn to the Bohemian fashion when decorating. It’s a bold and beautiful approach to style that invites the eye to roam. The subsequent decor often melds western European design with elements of the eastern world – making it easy to integrate new things in an existing home. When combined with vintage or antique pieces, the resulting look is equally charming and unique. If you want a very different experience when renovating your house, you should think about the idea of creating a new atmosphere and then making it your own. By free-thinking and using colors and textures you can make a totally new space that will be the envy of your friends!

If you’re looking for a great way to incorporate conventional European design into your house, one of the things you might look for is French furniture. Although you can find all kinds of beautiful French furniture pieces, you may prefer to buy some rustic French furniture instead. Rustic furniture is the perfect thing to pair with your Bohemian appearance; it helps create a very authentic environment that evokes images of bygone days. For example, if you have French country drapes, French mirrors and other things, picking pieces made from solid timber would be a great way to acquire French country chic without going too far towards the French countryside.  You could also go for wrought iron candle sconces and rustic tables and chairs.

For those who have a lot of French style features in your living room, you can incorporate them effectively by using Americana furnishings.  As a friendly reminder, Americana encompasses a vast assortment of unique styles and colours. As an example, rustic benches may be used to add a magical touch to your rustic French style living room, while a few pieces of plush comfortable sofa will make it very inviting.  Pair Americana style furniture with French furniture, and you’ll have the ability to create a very cozy and relaxing atmosphere.

In order to combine the timeless elegance of French style with the modern-day vibes of Americana, Bohemian design entails employing lots of designs and textures. By way of instance, for those who have a lot of French style fabrics and antiques, you can integrate them seamlessly into your style by drawing attention to the details with colour and shape. As an example, consider creating a romantic and inviting sitting area with a mixture of rich chocolate browns and reds, set against a background of soft pastel shades. Add cushions and floral accents, and you’re going to have a very chic and feminine area that anybody would like to sit and speak in.

To achieve the ultimate Bohemian design look, choose fabrics and furnishings full of textures and patterns. For instance, velvet and shabby chic curtains could layered with modern fabrics in dark and earthy hues to create a funky modern space. Alternatively, you could integrate vintage lace and embroidery to a sofa or loveseat design with a contemporary twist. The possibilities are endless! Just make sure that whatever pieces of furniture you decide to use to match the other items in your design.