It is the latest trend in interior design which has an eclectic mix of different influences from traditional to modern. The design combines the retro stylings of the past with sleek contemporary designs to create an entirely new look for your dwelling. The interior design of the Victorian era is often included when people talk about this style because of its Art Deco influence. This Art Deco style is popular today and in case you want to give your home this distinctive look, there are some tips and ideas on what you can achieve.

Firstly, you want to think of the colours and textures that will fit in with the overall feel of the house. Art Deco furniture is characterized by bold and luxurious shapes and bold, luxurious colours. Soft and airy materials are less common in this style so choose according to your personal tastes. An enormous amount of geometric and luxurious detailing is common and includes intricately cut glass panels, intricate carvings, ornate and detailed mirror, elaborate platform beds and large, luxurious ottomans.

Art Deco style inspired areas include the kitchen and bathroom, especially the taps, which often incorporate large, heavily cut glass combined with bold geometric patterns.  Wall decoration is extremely individual and consists of huge, extravagant paintings and extremely detailed glass and metal works. The colors available in the Art Deco style are vibrant and bright, with everything being either entirely different colors or designed to contrast with each other. For instance, rich reds and oranges could be used together with navy blues for a bright and unusual combination. Alternately, a bright yellow may be paired with black for a striking contrast which matches anything in the kitchen or bathroom.

This style is also very fashion forward and will often feature large windows or sliding doors that look harmonious with the large artwork and highly detailed mirrors. The ceiling can also feature a range of intricate designs and features also. A significant detail that can add interest to the inside of your house is the flooring. Marble and other marble-like materials are incredibly common, but they may be paired with different kinds of wooden flooring to create interesting effects. By way of example, dark woods like cherry may be used on the floors whilst light colored hardwoods like walnut or walnut may look great on the walls.

To finish this look, you need to have a number of items which combine with the main elements. Important elements of the Art Deco design are geometric and intricate patterns, which are often made from printed papers. Bright lights on the walls are often complemented with pictures of plants and flowers. You should ideally have a couch using a bookcase built into it as well as an armoire or vanity unit with the same colour as your walls.

One of the things which makes this interior design style so famous is its use of bright colours. Most items are bold and full of color and this is just another reason why they look so appealing. Simple patterns are often avoided in favour of more geometric and intricate designs. Although this sort of design does not have a lot of space, it is better to use every square inch possible. Using creative ideas can help you get the most out of your room without needing to compromise the quality of the room. To learn more about what is Art Deco interior design style, it would be a good idea to take some time and consider what kind of decorative style you would like your house to fit.