Industrial interior design is not as bland and simple as some would believe. If that’s what comes into your mind when you imagine modern industrial design, brush those unwelcome ideas away immediately and consider again a future far away. Think about a faraway future, maybe in your own living room! Don’t forget to enjoy the current design!

What’s Industrial interior design? It’s a design concept that’s all about creating massive space by cleverly applying patterns, textures and colours. This kind of design works well in both residential and commercial spaces and will permit you to create anything from contemporary office layout to an edgy country house design with plenty of texture and colour. By combining modern design fundamentals with classic elements like furniture, textures and colors, it is possible to create any look that you want.

For example, you can produce a beautiful country style living space by choosing light fixtures, warm light and a rug that’s from the earth tones of the region. As an alternative, you can create a modern minimalist design by avoiding exposed pipes and opting for geometric shapes and straight lines, like a wall-hung rug instead of a couch. Another great touch is to produce a modern day recreation room by choosing a rug that incorporates both contemporary and traditional patterns. A special area rug will add style and character to a dull room and will also allow you to expose pipe vents or electrical sockets without the hassle of messy plumbing!

One thing to keep in mind when creating a rustic industrial interior design is the lighter colours will appear weathered on a floor that has been exposed to water or steam. Choose a color that contrasts with the rustic foundation in order to add depth. Deep reds are amazing for industrial areas because they give off the feeling of wetness but stay neat and dry – perfect for brick walls. Similarly, browns and creams may be used in areas that aren’t too waterlogged. This means a rug that is in the shade of black, beige or gray, perfect for an industrial kitchen!

If you’d prefer a more earthy texture to your style, you could choose an indoor environment that complements your rustic theme – try using warm tones like cream and beige to decorate large windows, create a wooden or tile floor that’s reminiscent of the good old days and complete with a mix of dark and white. Although you can create an extremely rustic industrial interior design, remember that lighter colours tend to appear weathered when exposed to steam, water or sunlight. You can contrast these colors in furniture and panels to create a rural setting that is best for your home!

The final bit of advice that you need to know about nazmiyal rugs – be sure that your carpet is designed to be easy to clean and resistant to stains. The darker the colour of your carpet – the more dirt and oil, it will pick up! A white piece of rug will pick up any oil stains out of cooking, but only if you leave the room to air dry. This means your industrial area can remain as clean as it should be, and that’s why nazmiyal is a great option for those looking to create their own design or decorate an existing office area.