What is Art Deco Interior Design?

It is the latest trend in interior design which has an eclectic mix of different influences from traditional to modern. The design combines the retro stylings of the past with sleek contemporary designs to create an entirely new look for your dwelling. The interior design of the Victorian era is often included when people talk [...]

What’s Industrial Interior Design?

Industrial interior design is not as bland and simple as some would believe. If that's what comes into your mind when you imagine modern industrial design, brush those unwelcome ideas away immediately and consider again a future far away. Think about a faraway future, maybe in your own living room! Don't forget to enjoy the [...]

What’s Urban Modern Interior Design?

What is Urban Modern interior design? This is a relatively new concept in interior design, which seeks to bring a modern and simplified feel to conventional designs while still maintaining the primary elements of functionality and practicality. They want their flats and houses to resemble a home on wheels, with flat-panel televisions mounted on the [...]

What is Scandinavian Interior Design?

What's Scandinavian interior design? This sort of design resembles an abstract expression of the artistic sensibilities of the Norwegians. Scandinavian interior design combines simplistic lines with a clean and fresh aesthetic to generate warm and cozy interiors. The result is a very trendy decor that reflects the country's wooded design and minimalist design. This article [...]

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What’s Shabby Chic Interior Design?

What is Shabby Chic interior design? This distinctive style emerged in the late 70s, and it combines rustic furniture with an airy, distressed finish. The result is a decor that invites you into the past, while making the most of the available space and light. The end result is both comforting and inviting, and the [...]

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What is French Country Kitchen Design?

What's French Country kitchen design? It is a design motif wherein accents and furniture are using to create an atmosphere that resembles what is seen in the French countryside. It has since gone through various decorating bicycles and has been revitalized by a few of the most prominent interior designers of our time. What's French [...]

How to Run an Interior Design Business: an Interview with Capella Kincheloe – Designer, Coach, Inspiration

The way to run an interior design firm whenever you are a designer? Do you need to abandon the customer function? Might it be feasible without technical instruction? There are many doubts and questions. Fortunately, our guest now knows the responses to them all! Meet Capella Kincheloe -- a renowned designer and also a [...]

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