What is Modern Country Interior Design?

What is Modern Country Interior Design? This is a design which attempts to depict a "showroom" look to a home, using predominantly light colour and furniture which can be individually styled. It is often utilised in conjunction with English Heritage's (ECgency for Landscape Architecture and Design) "English Style" designations. The furniture design concept was initiated [...]

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What Is Mid Century Modern Interior Design?

When you are searching for the definition of Mid Century Modern Interior Design, there are a number of things you will have to understand and appreciate. In order to go over some of these ideas, we will be discussing the classic elements of mid-century design, along with some of the newer trends and forms that [...]

What’s Coastal Interior Design?

Coastal Interior Design is incorporating natural materials into the design to achieve stability in the interiors. The purpose is to balance the textures and colors of the various items in the design by using identical material. The most common sort of materials used is wood, but occasionally other natural materials such as seashells can also [...]

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What is Contemporary Interior Design?

What exactly is contemporary interior design? It is very difficult to define this expression, as it covers so much. Therefore, a modern interior design tends to have an unadorned and simplistic look, and is generally influenced by contemporary architecture and other current trends. On a more advanced level, modern design can also refer to a [...]

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